They shoot music

Thursday, 22nd May 2008

WGC"Hi, how are you doing, buddie?"Robert Fisher addresses the grayed shepherd dog in an old lady’s wintergarden in an outskirt of Vienna. The lead singer and mastermind of Willard Grant Conspiracy – a California-based collective with up to thirty other musicians occasionally contributing to the deep folk rock with rumbling guitars and orchestrating strings – performs solo this time. From the bare car wash to the carefully decorated wintergarden Fisher’s singing creates a surrounding of earnest intimacy. With his barritone voice Robert tells poignant lyrical stories of mysterious ambiguity and stirring frankness that deal with human fallibilty and personal struggle. Yet the sound is not thoroughly dark and burdensome. The rich emotionality embraced by Fisher’s bottomless voice is rather solemn. So breathtakingly intense that the canaries did not dare chirping until Robert’s focused play is over.The excellent folks at They Shoot Music Don't They have put up two video clips that were improvised in Vienna during the Pilgrim Orchestra tour.Solo performances of "Ghost of the Girl" in the Well in a Car Wash and "Drunkard's Prayer" in an elderly ladies porch with her German Shepard can be found on their website.