Warehouse Fire At PIAS

Tuesday, 9th August 2011

Photograph: Luke Macgregor/ReutersMany of you will probably have heard that, amongst the huge amount of mindless destruction caused by the London riots these past few days, the PIAS warehouse in Enfield has been burnt down. This means that many independent record labels have lost all of their stock, including Loose.It's certainly no secret that it's a struggle at the best of times for many of these labels to stay afloat, where it's more about the passion for the music than making any  money from it. Therefore, this could potentially affect us all quite badly. There is a lot of doom and gloom about this being the end for many of us, but we're going to try and be a bit more positive. I mean, look at this, we got a mention in NME - that would never have happened before.There are also a few words from Loose Tom in this article by BBC Wales.We are very grateful for all those people who have already offered their help and we appreciate the support. It's nice just to know that people care. For anyone else wishing to get involved with helping Loose and all other labels affected, check out THIS page, follow THIS Twitter and go on and get buying what little stock we do have left in the Loose shop.For a full list of all the labels affected by the PIAS fire, see this Guardian article, then go treat yourselves to some of their records too. It is almost Christmas right?