Watch Courtney Marie Andrews' Video For New Song "Heart And Mind"

Monday, 10th September 2018

If you've been fortunate enough to catch Courtney Marie Andrews live at some point over the last couple of years - or more specifically, since Trump was elected president - then this one may sound familiar to you. Heart And Mind has become a bit of a live favourite amongst fans, with the lyrics touching upon subjects that, sadly, have become increasingly more relevant. Courtney explains:-"I wanted to write a song that embodies the importance of empowerment when you feel weakened my misrepresentation and/or sexual harassment. Even if our bodies have been misused or taken advantage of, we have the power to speak with our hearts and minds. The most powerful way to display that message is with simple conversations with those who love us. The mother/daughter bond is incredibly powerful, and I use that to embody protection and safety in this song and video."The song is available to download and stream now. Here's that video.