Watch Joana Serrat Live On TV & In Session

Wednesday, 4th October 2017

Whilst the rest of the world is slowly becoming switched on to the talents of Joana Serrat, Spain is ahead of the game, with Joana having made multiple TV and radio appearances throughout Spain and Catalonia these past couple of weeks. Our favourite so far may well be this one below. Broadcast live on TV channel Cero yesterday, Joana performed Trapped In The Fog from her freshly released new album Dripping Springs.We'd also recommend getting your Google Translate on the latest issue of Enderrock, which features interviews with both Joana Serrat and Israel Nash, who produced and featured on Joana's new record.You may also wish to see this new video of Joana chatting to Música Crónica about her new album and performing a gorgeous live version of The Garden.