Watch Jonny Fritz Playing With Fireworks

Wednesday, 24th April 2013

Jonny Fritz - Goodbye SummerJudging by our reaction to previous Loose videos featuring bands pissing about with fireworks, you may have realised that we tend to get quite excited about such things. No surprise then that we were thrilled to see that Jonny Fritz's new video for Goodbye Summer involves exactly that. Fireworks and dancing. Watch it here via The Line Of Best Fit.

We'd say with some confidence that this is perhaps the best dancing in a desert with fireworks video that we have ever seen. Beautifully shot by American Juggalo director, Sean Dunne, in the desert outside Las Vegas, Jonny explains:

"I was in Las Vegas with Sean Dunne to help him shoot a commercial for a reality tv show...we got bored with that very quickly and Sean offered to buy a ton of fireworks, go out into the desert and fire them at me while I danced my ass off. We shot the footage before we knew what song we wanted to pair it with, Goodbye Summer happened to fit nicely. Here's what we came up with. I hope you like it."

Meanwhile, there's a Dad Country waffle contest going on, with the chance to win a Dad Country gift bag surprise. Share your best waffle pics via Jonny's Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@DadCountry), using the hashtag #dadcountrywaffle. Contest ends Wed, May 1, 2013.