Willard Grant Conspiracy's "Untethered" Out Now

Friday, 7th December 2018

Untethered, the final Willard Grant Conspiracy album is out today. Many of the reviews seem to have been echoing our thoughts in that - for at least anyone familiar with Robert and his music - it is inevitably an emotionally tough listen. However, we also believe it can stand up there with some of the best of Robert Fisher's work - a classic WGC record. It is one hell of an album to leave us with. Pick it up here.The reviews have been rolling in slowly, here are the first few, along with Uncut Magazine, which contains a rather wonderful full page review by Allan Jones, alongside a little Q&A with WGC's David Michael Curry.

"a defiant adios from a sometimes underappreciated but often extraordinary talent"9/10UNCUT

"WGC’s central force bows out with a moving, cerebral set of alt-country fitting of his legacy.As the fulcrum of enviably creative, truly collaborative alt-country for more than two decades, Fisher leaves a farewell that will be keenly felt."★★★★HACKNEY GAZETTE

"Potent and brilliant swansongs. All good things must come to an end, and at least Robert Fisher is assured some kind of immortality thanks to the potency and brilliance of his timeless music."★★★★IRISH TIMES

"A poignant and deeply moving swansong"★★★★THE BIG ISSUE NORTH

"These final recordings – lovingly finished by long-time collaborator David Michael Curry – serve as both one last slow dance and a celebration of one of Americana’s very best.As a treatise on mortality, it’s beautiful. As an elegy, it couldn’t be better."★★★★★NARC

"Almost inevitably there is an aching sadness to these poignant and poetic alt-country songs. But there is also a joy at witnessing a master craftsman deliver his last"9/10ALBUM OF THE WEEKPETERBOROUGH TELEGRAPH

"WGC’s central force bows out with a moving, cerebral set of alt-country fitting of his legacy."★★★★ISLINGTON GAZETTE

"now with his own fate determined, he echoes Johnny Cash's last deeds, especially on the title track, All We Have Left and Saturday With Jane. The closing Trail's End has no vocal, Fisher untethered at the last."★★★★YORK PRESS

"Untethered has become a great tribute to a unique musician... An impressive musical testament."ENOLA

" a powerful song that will rip you apart and for a little while everything that came before it will feel absolutely redundant."ONE CHORD

"listen carefully, and let yourself be transported... That Fisher was far from finished is evident from Hideous Beast's dynamics. Unfortunately it had to be different. Fortunately, Untethered reminds us once again of this unique artist."JOHNNY’S GARDEN