William The Conqueror 'Proud Disturber Of The Peace' Out Today

Friday, 4th August 2017

It's here, the long awaited and highly anticipated debut album from William The Conqueror. Happy release day to Ruarri, Harry & Naomi.HERE's where you can pick up a copy of the album on CD, neon pink heavyweight vinyl or digitally. Now won't you take a look at some of these reviews:- 

"William The Conqueror seems hellbent on blurring the lines between genres. While the headline of this very piece dubs them an "Americana" act, they could also easily be labeled as "country" or "folk" or even "grunge" or just straight-forward "rock." But whatever you want to call William The Conqueror does not matter. All that matters is that this group is good. Damn good. "THE 405

"William the Conqueror the alter ego of Ruarri Joseph who in a trio setting played stomping country rock at the end veering into stoner grunge reminiscent of Built to Spill."THE GUARDIAN

"a very modern take on Americana, as much lo-fi grunge as it is country... a mighty launchpad for what's yet to come"★★★★Q

"it is a thing of wondrous beauty... William The Conqueror is well and truly here to conquer if not the world, then certainly our hearts."GOD IS IN THE TV

"In the heart of the Sunday afternoon before a crammed second-tent crowd, William The Conqueror emerged to show just what ‘breaking out of type’ sounds like... From the alternative southern rock through the rustic folk-blues, the trio’s delectable combination of descriptive lyrics and heavy-lifting soundscapes gives their songs a real sense of scale, which carries into the live setting with hypnotic results. Elegant as a knight, with some of that mystery and mythos of any figure swept in legend, they’re a band that’s already beginning to feel timeless."GIGSOUP (live review)

"Their prospects look incredibly strong indeed."RECORD OF THE DAY

"the tracks achieve the required objective of getting under your skin, even to the extent of possessing anthem potential. Indeed, there are so many facets of the ten ten tracks to discover, that any review can only be a mere introduction. Whether you view this album as Americana or one of several stages of clear cut rock, the important thing is that it is one of the year’s most intriguing and relevant releases."THREE CHORDS AND THE TRUTH

"Joseph's croon is fully intact and the songwriting and instrumental skills of Joseph and band mates Harry Harding and Naomi Holmes are top notch."AXS

"the most remarkable thing about ‘Proud Disturber’ - Not its variety, but its consistency. They rub shoulders with giants of many a kind, but they’ve still cultivated a sound that’s instantly recognisable. Like the one-time king they share their name with, they have the kind of determination that can only end in glory.8/10GIGSOUP

"gritty guitar, with a true Americana mix of blues folk and rock vibes… I’m not actually sure what I expected, but I was seriously impressed."THINK COUNTRY

"their fusion of Americana, country, folk and rock music make for beautiful harmonies, melodies and there is a toe-tapping catchiness to their songs."THE UPCOMING

"the voice is superb and the songs are so strong"RALPH MCLEAN BBC RADIO ULSTER