The Quietus: Attic Thieves

Saturday, 20th December 2008

Despite their association with kerazee cross-over comedy superstars the Mighty Boosh, Attic Thieves is perhaps unlikely to propel the Ralfe Band into the nation's living rooms like their appearances in the hit comedy.No matter. It's not as if...

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Africa Express….

Tuesday, 18th November 2008

Hey folks, hope it’s all rollin easy. I’ve been meaning to write a little bit about an amazing show that I had the pleasure of seeing and playing a part in, (in a super small way). I went to the Africa Express show a few weeks ago at Koko in...

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Mr David Viner back online

Saturday, 25th October 2008

Mr. David Viner has launched a new website today.Get on over and have a

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BBC on '... murder of crows"

Sunday, 7th September 2008

Although everyone thinks he's American, this Kingston-On-Thames native who lives in Devon has been feted by the twang crowd for years, namely from the stomp of his Peter Bruntnell Combination back in the mid-90s, but this something of a different...

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Felice in the UK

Wednesday, 3rd September 2008

They came, they saw, they conquered! The Brothers Felice played a raucous week of shows that made many a new friend across seven sold out shows. They did find the time to drop in on a few radio stations as well for all of those who couldn’t get...

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Peter in US Amplifier magazine

Tuesday, 2nd September 2008

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Peter Bruntnell is American. For a start, although he isn't too keen on the expression, the songs and structures on his most recent CD, the best-selling "Normal For Bridgwater" fit firmly into the "alt-country"...

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Peter Bruntnell on Buckett of Brains cover

Tuesday, 26th August 2008

Issue #64"The Peter Bruntnell Combination," claims the blackboard, wonkily. "Free entry before 9.30."You check the clock. Why not? After all, nothing to lose. Down in the gloom the band appear. The man with the un-rock name has an acoustic guitar...

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Last Days of Wonder

Sunday, 15th June 2008

A collection of clippings from The Handsome Family album 'Last Days of Wonder'."An unqualified triumph" - Uncut"a collection of mini masterpieces" - The Independent On Sunday"they imply the wild things at civilisation's edge - brilliant!" -...

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They shoot music

Thursday, 22nd May 2008

"Hi, how are you doing, buddie?"Robert Fisher addresses the grayed shepherd dog in an old lady’s wintergarden in an outskirt of Vienna. The lead singer and mastermind of Willard Grant Conspiracy – a California-based collective with up to...

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Show #53: The Handsome Family

Monday, 13th February 2006

As I wrote yesterday, I received my introduction to The Handsome Family on Friday night and enjoyed every minute of it. I immediately set out to find some of their shows the following day and succeeded. Ergo they get the nod this week.The...

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