With the deluxe digital reissue of Andrew Combs’ debut album Worried Man, the Texas-bred, Nashville based artist has been given that rare opportunity; a do-over. The deluxe version of Worried Man, includes two songs from the album Andrew has re-recorded for the release.

The first of those tracks, “Too Stoned To Cry (2019 Recut)”, has never felt exactly right to him in its original recording. “I've always wanted to re-record ‘Too Stoned to Cry,’” said Andrew of the track. “I love the song, but can't stand my vocal take on the original. I sound so young and pitchy! This is just an updated version, somewhat replicating how we play it every night on the road.”

Andrew also took on “Take It From Me” and reworked the track for the deluxe digital reissue. He recounts, “I've always liked the sentiment of the song, but the original musical arrangement now bores me a little bit. We decided change it up a bit, going for a glossy, Chris Isaak kind of feel.”