A radically surprising new solo album from Danny George Wilson (Grand Drive/Danny & The Champions Of The World/Bennett Wilson Poole) celebrates the future returning; Another Place presents a vibrant and diverse collection of startling, impressionistic songs created in collaboration with Sussex-based, studio-wizard Hamish Benjamin. This collision of straight-forward, traditional songwriting with experimentation and noise, brings a fresh and engrossing magic, enabling some of Danny’s most romantic songs ever but equally some of his most unhinged. From the opening smack in the face of ‘Lost Future’, and the jaunty Wurlitzer whistle of ‘Sincerely Hoping’, the air of cool assurance endears even as it periodically dissolves.

Elements of surprise hover close; the slowed-down, late-night vibe of ‘I Wanna Tell You’ sundered by a sudden cacophony; the abrupt rip cleaving the floating, liquid cascades of ‘Right Place’. Everything ripe with immanence and expectation; the effects as sparing as they’re telling. The pair of covers originating in other, imaginary places, introduce heavy friends. Spirit’s ‘We’ve Got A Lot Learn’ finds Gerry Love adding divine backing vocals, before Jeff Tweedy’s guitar blissfully materialises. Then follows a beautiful play of voices as Emma Swift joins Danny on Sinatra’s ‘I Would Be In Love (Anyway)’ from Watertown.The lush finale ‘Inbetween The Love’ might hint at contemporary resonances but Another Place is more about Danny George Wilson opening new doors, liking what he sees, and inviting us all to share his sense of wonder.