Listening to Margo Cilker’s new album Pohorylle is like being given a road map to a winding life full of places familiar and foreign. Within this album’s nine songs there exist stories for days, collected like diner counter receipts showing how much was spent on the road. Cities and towns populate the record, and as she name-drops highways and country roads you can't help but be drawn in closer. The parlorpiano licks and warm fiddle accompanying songs like "Tehachapi" and "Kevin Johnson" swing in that classic country style, while the ghostly pedal steel and gospel organ of "Broken Arm (Belly Crawl)" and "Wine in the World" prop up the mellower side of the album. All of these songs showcase Margo's strong and unique voice that holds the ability to talk or croon or belt out a song according to the memory it brings back in her mind. Her sister Sarah’s blood harmonies double down and take us further with a natural emphasis in all the right places. This album is full of truth and does not hold back to save grace or deny weakness. These songs are set on the table in such a way that you can’t help but devour every note. You can dance to it or you can cry to it, but there is no stance she directs you to take- maybe just to put your phone down and listen like the old days.