Oly Ralfe’s Mighty Boosh Documentary

Mighty Boosh

Oliver Ralfe (aka Oly of the Ralfe Band) has made a Mighty Boosh documentary.

Here’s some text we pinched straight from the Ralfe Band’s website;

Shot in an observational style by award-winning filmaker Oliver Ralfe, the film provides an intimate and honest portrait of life on the road for the Mighty Boosh.

The DVD is packed with extras featuring Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, including four short films.

And the title of this DVD; The Mighty Boosh on Tour: Journey of the Childmen. It even has its own website.

One for the Christmas list then.

That and a Ralfe Band album (for £5) or 7″ vinyl (for £4) from the Loose shop perhaps?