The Bunny & The Bull released today

Ahead of today’s nationwide release of The Bunny & The Bull we caught up with Oly Ralfe to talk about the soundtrack that Ralfe Band recorded.

Q. So how did your involvement with Bunny & The Bull Come about?
Oly Ralfe: We were invited to record a demo for a couple of scenes. We just went for it hard over a couple of days, and they liked it more than anyone elses demo. I’ve always thought it’d be great to create film music but didn’t expect to land a sizeable catch like this. It was quite a fish to fry.

Q. How was it different writing the music to someone else’s stories?
Oly Ralfe: It felt fine, a fairly natural marriage. The film is a visual feast with massive mood swings, which was inspiring and it was exciting to make music in a way that strayed beyond anything I’d done before.

Q. You’ve worked with the Boosh team before haven’t you?
Oly Ralfe:  Yes we’ve been friends with the Boosh for a while – they’re fine gentlemen – and we did a couple of career defining cameos in their shows. You’ll have to spot us where yourselves though… Funnily though the Bunny and the Bull job was fairly unconnected to Boosh – they only have small parts in this film. Believe it or not it was about the music!

The Bunny & The Bull

For those not aware, Oly is an award wining director for his debut feature The Ballard of A J Webberman and will soon be releasing his second work The Journey of The Childmen, a documentary following The Mighty Boosh on tour.

Q. You’re a film maker yourself, visual representation seems important to the band
Oly Ralfe:  Yes it all ties together easily I think, music and the image. I’ve always enjoyed drawing and photography, alongside making music.

Q. Describe the soundtrack in five words…
Oly Ralfe:  “One hell of a concoction.”
In Cinemas nationwide now, The Bunny & The Bull.
“Utterly captivating…a comic delight… one of the films of the year” – The Times *****