Simone Felice at The Hawley Arms

Simone Felice, of Felice Brothers fame and more recently his side project The Duke and the King, is the look, sound and soul of the lost American singer-songwriter.

The fact that he and his brothers borrow their band names and song titles from such works of Americana fiction as Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn may shed light on the richness of the timeless talents these boys from the soils of the Catskill Mountains are tilling: A way with words and story-telling that covers their tracks in such nostalgia and rural dirt that we are sure they dregged up and gave a modern twist to scribbles in a battered songbook handed down through the generations. This wouldn’t be far from the truth in fact as many of the stories put across in song are “those old New York stories” told by the brothers’ grandfather throughout their youth. The story of the murder of “Ruby Mae” is just one of those true ghost stories turned murder ballad.

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